Dota 2 Booster Job Application

Main Requirements

Have incredible skills and gameplay? If you are looking for a job and want to earn money from your favorite game, well we are hiring boosters.It doesn’t matter from which region you are if you know the techniques and skills you can join us today and become our team partner.  You should have the following skills:

  1. Should know about coaching.
  2. MMR Calibration.
  3. Should know how to increase behavior score.
  4. Battle Cup.
  5. Lastly should not offend the customer in any case.

You should follow all these requirements in order to join our team. In the description box, you should give us your brief introduction. To which country do you belong? what’s your solo MMR? and lastly which position do you play the most.

The pay rates are good. If you are able to do boost early rather than the actual time then there will be some bonuses for you also. It doesn’t matter from which country you belong if you think you can fulfill our job requirements, please fill our form box and become a part of our Dota 2 Boosting Plan.


1) You should know that account must not be banned. Do not do excessive boost. (In case account is banned during boost, you wont be paid and you wont be paid for the next order too because we have to cover the loss)
2) You are not allowed to talk with clients.
3) You are not allowed to message/ or make any changes to their friend list.
4) You are not allowed to add clients on discords.
5) Payment will be made once the order is completed.
6) No toxic Behaviour. Blaming or flaming in game or with the client. Always be polite.
7) Payment method will be PayPal.
8) *Always be available on the shared hours. *
9) You are not allowed to take any direct order or payment from the client. Even if its a tip, it should be sent to us and we will forward you the 100% of the tip.
10) If you are honest and loyal with us, we will even pay you extra as a good gesture from our side.

Trust is the most important factor, if you do not break our trust, we can go long run and good money for you 🙂

Dota 2 Boosting Job